Training & Staff Development
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Training & Staff Development
We offer training & development services designed particularly to equip front line managers with tools and techniques to help them successfully manage the maintenance function.

These include:

Six sigma training

We offer training in the application of "Six Sigma" to factory maintenance. Courses are available at introductory or advanced level ranging from Executive/Champion training through to Six Sigma Green Belt with emphasis on the application of Six Sigma to the Maintenance function.

We also offer short courses to train maintenance personnel in the basic application of Six Sigma in their own workplaces and can provide them with Black Belt support in planning and implementing Six Sigma improvement projects.

RCM based training

Through our UK partners, GGR Associates, we supply training in all aspects of RCM and its application. In particular, GGR supply training courses in the application of their "Fast-track RCM" and "Review RCM" which are very successful methods for improving factory performance and reducing maintenance costs respectively.

Courses are usually supplied on site for client staff but are also held periodically for client groups where smaller numbers of staff can be trained off site. (See for further information)

Mentoring newly promoted line managers

A key challenge in maintenance is helping newly appointed line managers to successfully come to grips with the challenges of managing maintenance. The ongoing pressure of events typical of maintenance can create a "treadmill" effect where line managers are continually engaged in firefighting and fail to function properly as managers. This risk can be more pronounced for staff promoted but remaining in the same area - where there is often a temptation to keep doing their old jobs.

We provide a structured development route for new line managers which helps them to avoid these pitfalls and to develop their full potential as managers. Our support is tailored to suit the individual and his or her new role and is delivered by consultants with expertise in both human development and maintenance management.

Customised training courses

We can design and deliver training courses customised to meet specific client requirements. These may be courses using material from the clients operations as a basis for targeted training or courses combining material from different areas relevant to the maintenance requirements of a particular client.

On request, we can also prepare and deliver customised training courses designed to meet a client's specific requirements in any aspect of maintenance management.

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