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Group Benchmarking
Why re-invent the wheel? If someone else has already solved the problem, you don’t want to spend time figuring out the solution again.

Our experience shows clearly that the ability to learn from what others have achieved is enormously valuable when you are trying to drive improvement.

We offer two specific services designed to help you do this. These are the MICA Ratios benchmarking service and our Benchmarking Club.

Mica Ratios

MICA Ratios is a benchmarking service that allows you to compare your maintenance efficiency with other factories. The service compares financial, staffing, work planning & control and materials performance measures (ratios) against competitors and sister factories.

Additional information is available at the MICA Ratios website at

Maintenance benchmarking club

The MICA Benchmarking club provides a framework and forum for maintenance managers to work together and compare both performance and working practices for the benefit of all.

Group meetings take place twice a year (sometimes held on member sites) and address maintenance areas or issues of particular interest to the group. Benchmarking performance projects also take place where interested members can compare results in specific areas of maintenance.

Essentially, the club provides an opportunity for the participants to learn from each other and to jointly address particular issues or areas of interest.

MICA’s role is primarily that of facilitator. We provide a structure and help to organise and maintain the momentum of group activities. We also provide resources and expertise where required for group projects.

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