Cost Reduction
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Cost Reduction
Manufacturing is highly competitive, and, in the current climate, there is intense pressure on maintenance managers to "do more with less". We offer a systematic approach to reducing maintenance costs without reducing effectiveness or service levels.

We also offer the following services targeted at reducing costs in specific areas:

PM Programme Review

Preventive maintenance programmes often include a significant number of tasks that achieve very little or are not cost effective. These may be tasks put in place in the past as a reaction to specific events, tasks that equipment manufacturers have recommended or tasks that were thought to be worthwhile but that were never subjected to rigorous analysis.

Our experience is that proper analysis of a PM programme typically results in a reduction of about 25% in the work requirement without any significant impact on reliability or compliance.

This service is supplied to our clients by our UK partners GGR Associates and additional information can be found on their website at (see"Review RCM").

Calibration Optimisation

In some industries, instrument calibration is a significant part of the maintenance workload.

For our pharmaceutical clients, we have developed a rigorous, analytical method of establishing appropriate calibration intervals. It is based on an analysis of historical calibration records, on a loop by loop basis, to determine the optimum interval based on the historical drift for each instrumentation loop.

In practice, applying this method can lead to an immediate reduction in calibration requirements by 10% to 25%.

Labour utilisation improvement

Skilled labour is usually the biggest single element of factory maintenance spending and efforts to make maintenance more cost effective require that this expensive resource be used efficiently.

In our experience, there is often substantial scope (as much as 50%) for improving labour utilisation in factories and we can help you unlock this improvement potential in a practical way.

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